The following table details the awardees for the SMaHT Network.

ComponentAwardeeInstitutionTitleAward Number
Organizational CenterTing Wang (Contact), Heather Lawson, Lucinda Antonacci-FultonWashington UniversityWashU Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues (SMaHT) Program Organizational Center1U24NS132103
Tissue Procurement CenterThomas BellNational Disease Research InterchangeTissue Procurement Center (TPC) Supporting the Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues (SMaHT) Network1U24MH133204
Data Analysis CenterPeter ParkHarvard UniversityData Analysis Center for Somatic Mosaicism Across Human Tissues Network1UM1DA058230
Genome Characterization CenterKirstin Ardlie (Contact), John Niall, and Pradeep NatarajanBroad Institute, Inc.Whole Individual Comprehensive KnowlEDge: Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues (WICKed SMaHT)UM1DA058235
Genome Characterization CenterJames Bennett (Contact), Evan Eichler, and Andrew StergachisUniversity of Washington & Seattle Children’s Research InstituteMosaicism in Human Tissues, from Telomere to Telomere to RFA-22-013: Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues Program: Genome Characterization CentersUM1DA058220
Genome Characterization CenterSoren Germer (Contact) and Samuel AparicioNew York Genome CenterNew York Genome Characterization Center: Somatic Mosaicism across Human TissuesUM1DA058236
Genome Characterization CenterRichard Gibbs, Rui Chen, and Harsha DoddapaneniBaylor College of MedicineComprehensive Somatic Variant Characterization at the HGSCUM1DA058229
Genome Characterization CenterTing Wang (Contact), Robert Fulton and Hui ShenWashington UniversityWashU-VAI Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues (SMaHT) Program Genome Characterization CenterUM1DA058219
Tool and Technology DevelopmentAlexej AbyzovMayo Clinic RochesterHybrid approach for comprehensive mutation detection in a cellUG3NS132128
Tool and Technology DevelopmentKathleen Burns (Contact), Bradley Bernstein, and Alice Eungung LeeDana-Farber Cancer InstituteSingle molecule detection of L1 insertions and intermediatesUG3NS132127
Tool and Technology DevelopmentFei Chen (Contact), Jason Buenrostro, Jason Daniel, and Gad GetzBroad Institute, Inc.A Platform for Scalable Spatial Somatic Variant ProfilingUG3NS132135
Tool and Technology DevelopmentSangita Choudhury (Contact), Alice Eungung Lee, and Christopher WalshBoston Children’s HospitalDetection and Characterization of Somatic Mutations in Human Tissue Utilizing Duplex-Consensus SequencingUG3NS132144
Tool and Technology DevelopmentGilad EvronyNew York University School of MedicineUltra-High Fidelity Single-Molecule Profiling of Mosaic Double- and Single-Strand DNA Mutations and DamageUG3NS132024
Tool and Technology DevelopmentThomas Fazzio (Contact) and Manuel GarberUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School WorcestervarCUT&Tag: A Method for Simultaneous Identification and Characterization of Sequence Variants in Regulatory Elements and GenesUG3NS132136
Tool and Technology DevelopmentFulai Jin (Contact) and Yan LiCase Western Reserve UniversitySimultaneous mapping of somatic mosaicism and kb-resolution 3D genome in single cellsUG3NS132061
Tool and Technology DevelopmentDan Landau (Contact) and Rahul SatijaWeill Medical College of Cornell UniversitySingle-Cell Multi-omics to Link Clonal Mosaicism (CM) Genotypes with Chromatin, Epigenomic, Transcriptomic and Protein PhenotypesUG3NS132139
Tool and Technology DevelopmentGabor Marth (Contact) and Hunter UnderhillUniversity of UtahA reference-free computational algorithm for comprehensive somatic mosaic mutation detectionUG3NS132134
Tool and Technology DevelopmentRyan Mills (Contact, Alan Boyle, and Michael McConnellUniversity of Michigan Ann ArborMolecular and Computational Tools for Identifying Somatic Mosaicism in Human TissuesUG3NS132084
Tool and Technology DevelopmentFritz Sedlazeck (Contact) and Tao WuBaylor College of MedicineIdentification of somatic/ mosaic SV and transposon activity and their crosstalk to DNA epigenetic ModificationsUG3NS132105
Tool and Technology DevelopmentAlexander UrbanStanford UniversityEstablishing and benchmarking advanced methods to comprehensively characterize somatic genome variation in single human cellsUG3NS132146
Tool and Technology DevelopmentChristopher Walsh (Contact) and Peter ParkBoston Children’s HospitalDevelopment of an Efficient High Throughput Technique for the Identification of High-Impact Non-Coding Somatic Variants Across Multiple Tissue TypesUG3NS132138
Tool and Technology DevelopmentChenghang ZongBaylor College of MedicineDevelop accurate high-coverage and high-throughput single-cell Duplex-seq chemistry and multi-omics platforms for simultaneous profiling of somatic mutation and the transcriptome in single human cellsUG3NS132132